The advantages of glass roofs

The advantages of glass roofs and canopies over the entrance
Despite the fact that such constructions began to be used relatively recently, they are already bypassing the popularity of massive concrete and short-lived wooden canopies. Glass is not necessarily fragile material, hinged entry structures are made of tempered high-impact glass, and such a visor will have many advantages:

high light transmission. The glass canopy will not become an obstacle to sunlight, so that the porch or entrance to the room will be better lit;
resistance to mechanical damage;
the glass peak withstands quite a lot of pressure;
tempered glass canopies are not afraid of temperature extremes and precipitation;
glass canopies are much lighter than concrete, at the same time they are no less strong and durable;
glass is not subject to corrosion;
the cost of the glass visor varies widely enough, among their diversity it is easy to choose a model for every taste and budget;
a large selection and variety of shapes of such visors.
The combination of practicality, ease of care and status look makes glass entrance canopies more and more popular. They are used for a wide variety of buildings. A visor made of tempered glass will emphasize the delicate taste of the owner of a private cottage, make the store building more elegant, and add personality to your office. The external grace of the room is a sign of the care and seriousness of its owner.

The advantages of glass roofs
The advantages of glass roofs 

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