Types of Triplex

Types of Triplex
Types of Triplex

Types of Triplex
Depending on the purpose, the triplex is divided into the following types:
Types of Triplex
Types of Triplex

flame retardant
frost resistant
resistant to mechanical stress,
triplex with special properties.
Triplex of each particular species undergoes a series of tests. For example, triplex resistant to mechanical stress is tested for strength:
to hit with a soft object - a bag that simulates the effects of a human body moving at different speeds in a collision with glass,
to shock and hard objects. The total number of strokes required to penetrate and punch a triplex sample with a hammer or ax is calculated.
In flame retardant triplex, the adhesive film passes the test by boiling for at least 2 hours. As an interesting example of a triplex with special properties, one can name a heated triplex. The role of the heater in it is an oxide translucent layer, which is alloyed with metal. The coating that conducts electricity is located inside the triplex, which guarantees its electrical safety. The power comes from a 220 V network and has a control device that allows you to control the required power. Heated triplex can be used:
as a primary or secondary heating source,
for heating transport windows (ships, electric locomotives),
to remove snow and ice from the roofs.
Triplex can be tinted and colorless.
For tinted triplex, colored glass in volume, various tinted polymers and films are used. Triplex can be matte or color. There are two ways to color a product.
Make it from already tinted in bulk or stained glass plates.
Stick on the surface of the already made triplex a special film that gives it the desired color.
If desired, an artistic matting is applied to one of the triplex glass.

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