The history of glass. How it all began?

The history of glass. How it all began?
The history of glass. How it all began?
It is probably impossible to imagine a modern world without glass. In almost every aspect of our lives - in our homes, our cars, every time we drink and eat, we use glass.

It accompanies a person from the earliest times. The sharp tips of the mines of primitive man were already made of natural glass.

Mineral "Moldavite", formed as a result of a meteorite fall

Natural glass appeared as a result of the melt of quartz rocks (the main component of sand) and other substances during lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, exposure to meteorites, and then quick hardening. Much later, man learned how to make glass himself.

The ancient Roman historian Pliny wrote that the first "technologists" of glass production were Phoenician merchants as early as 5000 BC and it happened by a fluke. After a long voyage through the Mediterranean Sea, they landed on the coast of Syria and decided to cook their own food. There were no stones for the hearth nearby, and then the merchants made it from pressed blocks of soda that they carried with them. They lit a fire and then noticed that the soda, mixed with sand, suddenly melted and flowed on the ground with a viscous, muddy liquid that began to solidify outside ... So artificial glass appeared.

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