The variety of window designs

The variety of window designs allows in each case to choose the best option for the design of the trade or exhibition interior.

For example, in stores where goods are notable for high cost, a glass showcase with a lock would be appropriate.

The important point is the highlight of the showcase. With it, you will be able to most profitably present the goods being sold. And if you sell antiquities, art or jewelry - you just need a glass showcase.

The variety of window designs 
Exterior or exterior glass showcases A glass shop window that is properly decorated, taking into account marketing principles and customer psychology is an element that is guaranteed to attract the attention of the buyer.

Walking down the street, people unconsciously examine the windows, at least, studying their own reflection. An element that attracts the attention of the buyer
is not today so tomorrow will force him to go to your store, even if it was not originally planned.

Shop windows can be:

open - if you are completely confident in the quality of the interior of the store inside. Then the option when the store is almost completely visible from the street can be an additional "plus";
closed - when the back wall is opaque and glass showcase
show only what is inside. This interior is easy to change as the range is updated.

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