The advantages of glass furniture

The advantages of glass furniture
The advantages of glass furniture
A lot of them:

Strength. Glass with a thickness of 8 mm and above can withstand any load provided for this type of furniture;
Ease of care. To make the table look presentable, it is enough to wipe it with a soft cloth;
A variety of finishes. A glass table can be transparent, frosted, with a sandblasted surface, with a color, stained glass or mosaic coating;
Glass is perfectly combined with any material.
glass dining table

If your kitchen is small in size, the glass table for the kitchen, complete with glass shelves, is a godsend. Such furniture does not hide the space, rather the opposite - a small kitchen with glass furniture will change and become bright and festive.
Variants of kitchen design weight: the glass table for the kitchen can have a wooden, metal or glass base.

If you want to further decorate the table - choose the option with the bottom tabletop: you can put any items for decoration in it: fruit models, souvenirs, sand landscapes - whatever you want. Optionally, the "picture" can be changed.

In the case of studio apartments, which are so popular today, when transitions between zones with different functionalities are very conditional, glass furniture gains a new advantage.

You can use a sliding glass table as a working, kitchen and for receiving guests. Then, in the usual time, it will not take up much space, and when needed - a comfortable feast is guaranteed to you and your guests.

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