Glass shelves

Glass shelves - lightweight functionality

Glass shelves are a fashionable, practical and extremely demanded an
element of the interior. And any - from minimalist to classical and Art Deco. They are versatile and functional.

In small rooms, the use of transparent shelves allows you to not burden the interior. If the room is large - you can arrange a floor rack of glass in it, in which, for example, curiosities from your collection will look great, immersing guests in the atmosphere of a refined art gallery.

Glass shelves use:
in shops and boutiques for window dressing;
in museums to create an exhibition;
in offices;
in the interiors of residential premises;
in the bathrooms;
in window openings to accommodate flower arrangements;
in niches.
Interior glass is notable for its special durability: its width is not less than 6 mm of the line

Vitaly Writer

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