effect of mosaic or stained glass

Types of decoration are striking variety: we can buy glass shelves on the wall of transparent, patterned, corrugated glass, painted in all colors and shades of the rainbow, as well as with the
effect of mosaic or stained glass.

Glass shelves

Why precisely glass? It's very simple, he has many more advantages than disadvantages:
effect of mosaic or stained glass

glass shelves do not overload the interior;
they do not sink and do not bend;
glass is distinguished by absolute ecological purity;
they let the light through, creating the illusion of soaring their contents in the air;
glass care is not complicated - just wipe it with a soft cloth in time;
thanks to modern forms, glass shelves can have a wide variety of forms: angular, oval, classic rectangular or round;
glass is combined with any material: metal, wood, fabric.
Glass shelves perfectly “get along” with any furniture, but if your goal is to give the interior lightness, plenty of air and light - think about buying glass shelves with glass furniture.

A room in which, besides the shelves, there is a glass table and several well-placed mirror panels, will transform not only due to the light, but it is quite possible that it will seem more spacious: the properties of glass to transform the space due to the refraction of light have long been known.

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