Mirror Walls Can you really over look them?

Mirror Walls
Mirror Walls 

When trying to expand limited space, create openness, or bring light into a room, a mirrored wall can provide just the right touch. The reflective surface visually expands a space, making it feel twice as big. Good customer service is always sure from GIOVANI GLASS and you can buy it from us here in New York. There are lots of people who would love to go and take their service since quality is excellent and people will enjoy their time. 

Mirrors can be applied on both whole walls as well as sections, creating different feelings with their spacing and position. Mirrored walls are common in workout facilities to allow patrons to see themselves as they exercise, but their popularity is growing as a decoration in a kitchen or living room, as they also bring in natural light and a sense of space through reflection. They are easy to clean as well as decorative. A wall mirror is a great simple way to expand on a room or an office, and can be altered through etching, color or other designs to increase its individuality and tie it into a theme or create a statement piece.

The wall mirrors are normally large in the size as well as comes in great variety. This is hung and wall mounted as per weight & size of mirror. You may buy the wall mirrors with the frames and without frames. When buying the frameless mirrors, don’t forget to check out quality of the mirror clips and brackets all along with it. It’s very important to know more about this as the brackets hold mirror against wall. Therefore you may give new look in your hallway and large wall just by putting large wall mirror in it. 

A floor to ceiling mirror wall enlarges the room, transforming it into a spacious living area. In your living room, mirrors can be a direct reflection of the way you think and live. Mirrors make it happen. They have a way of opening walls and creating the illusion of added space, light and sparkle. They flood the room with pleasing light and color, creating a new image of you and your good taste.

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Our products adds gracious and beauty to museums, high-end hotels, banks, bars, casinos, corporate offices, schools, restaurants and medical facilities as well as luxurious residences throughout the New York tristate area and the countryn augue.