How to Add a Kitchen Backsplash

How to Add a Kitchen Backsplash
How to Add a Kitchen Backsplash

Turn off power to the kitchen, and remove outlet covers and switchplates in the area to be tiled. Tape off outlets, cabinets and the area where your countertops meet the walls. Move freestanding appliances away from the walls.

Using a level, attach a ledgerboard -- a sturdy piece of lumber attached for support. In this case, we are using a straight 1x4 board screwed to the wall studs where you want the bottom edge of the backsplash will be. A ledgerboard temporarily supports tiles until the adhesive cures, keeping them level where there is no countertop.

Clean walls with a mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Sand or degloss glossy surfaces.

Check the flatness and condition of the wall. Fill dents, dips and ripples more than 1/16 inch deep with joint compound. Let dry, sand smooth and prime.

It is Important:
  • Measure your wall.
  • Prep your workspace.
  • Prep the wall.
  • Pre-lay the tile.
  • Prepare the mortar.
  • Apply the mortar.
  • Lay the tile.
  • Dry and pre-seal the tile.
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