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Beauty of the home depends completely on interior décor you choose. It is the important aspect of a home. It helps in decluttering your entire room just by storing away items in the better way. The shelves come in many different types such as metal shelves, wooden shelves, glass shelves and more.

Glass shelves Popularity and advantages.

When compared to other shelves, the glass shelves are very popular particularly from GIOVANI GLASS. This exudes the aura of the elegance and sophistication. Most of people opt for the shelves made from glass compared to the wooden shelves, the shelves are very simple to clean and look very luxurious.

The glass shelves have advantage to be transparent & appear unobtrusive. There’re many varieties among the shelves. There’re different kinds of the glasses that are been used for shelves. It’s very important to select type of the glass as per the type of the object intended to get placed in a shelf. The thin glass is just appropriate if items are soft and light but thicker glass is necessary if you need to place the heavier objects. The simple glass shelves actually have power to transform your room in beautiful one. Good customer service is always sure from  GIOVANI GLASS and you can buy it from us here in New York. We work hard and provide quality support even after sales. You can get the best price and deal from us at all times in new york. So what are you waiting for.

Simple glass shelves have the power to transform any room into a beautiful one. There are many glass brackets in different shapes and designs that suit the shelves. It is also available here at GIOVANI GLASS in different sizes to suit the individual needs and preferences of the customers.

The shelves made of glass are also used in bathrooms to display a luxurious feel and to hold essential toiletries. Tinted glass can also be used for the shelves. You can find an array of different sizes and shapes of glass to be used as shelves.  

Compared to wooden shelves, the glass shelves are more durable and easy to clean. It does not require frequent polishing or varnishing. These shelves are not infected with cockroaches or mites as wooden shelves.

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Our products adds gracious and beauty to museums, high-end hotels, banks, bars, casinos, corporate offices, schools, restaurants and medical facilities as well as luxurious residences throughout the New York tristate area and the countryn augue.