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Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the regular glass that is heat treated in order to increase its strength, increase thermal shock, as well as prevent any personal injury just by changing breakage pattern. The tempered glass can be used in the fireplace doors on the masonry or pre-fabricated fireplaces well equipped with the grate to hold the burning wood. This Glass is used in many other applications where the heat, safety and mechanical strength are the factors. Suppose you have the woodstove and insert doors, then this glass won’t work. Tempered glass is used in the gas inserts and direct vent, if breakage pattern is the small bits and not big shards. 

Breakage pattern of the tempered glass is different from the regular glass. The regular glass breaks in long splinters. The tempered glass may fragment in small bits, and entire glass may fragment (most of time). Many regular fireplace doors make use of tempered material for the heat resistance. 

There must be 4inches between front of grate and glass. The tempered glass has thermal shock rating 400 degrees and may break when exposed to the direct contact with the flame. If you are to looking to buy tempered glass, then visit GIOVANI GLASS. 

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Tempered glass must be cut to size or the desired shape before toughening is done. Holes can be drilled
before tempering process. Hard impact or stress on tempered will cause damage as it shatters completely into small pieces. When tempered glass is used on windows it may pose a security threat as the glass will shatter completely when broken other than leaving shards in the window frame. The waviness of tempered glass is a great challenge in the manufacturing of thin film solar cells. These waves are caused during flattening by rollers on the glass surface. The challenge of waviness is solved by the float glass process used to provide flat and parallel surfaces.

The benefits of tempered glass outweigh its disadvantages and it is advisable to consider tempered glass in projects where maximum durability and safety is desired When broken, tempered glass bursts into tiny pebbles unlike annealed glass which breaks into huge sharp jagged pieces and thus it lowers risks of harm in case it breaks. This nature also allows the broken glass to be easily swept. Small pebbles can be cleaned by use of a vacuum cleaner. Use for the laminated glass generally ranges from the entrance doors & glass floors and aquariums to display cases. And two layers of the glass are been sandwiched with the laminate to create the sturdy variety. Laminate is a reason why pieces are been held together while it is broken. Chances of the injuries are also minimized as glass tends to get in frame. The doors and the windows made from such type are been considered safe since they don’t shatter very easily. Breaking in the home secured at this way is not simple since it involves lots of effort &

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